Q. Do we need to be home?
You do not need to be home for the gutter cleaning. All we need is access to the property and
running water.

Q. Can’t you just scoop them out?
We clean the gutters and downspouts with water. We rinse all debris from the gutters and
check that the downspouts are flowing properly. It is important to remove all debris from gutters
to maximize the lifespan of the gutter. Even if you do not have a “tree” issue the gutters will still
collect dirt, pollen, and roofing materials. Letting this debris sit in the gutters speeds up the
deterioration process leading to holes and leaks in your gutters.

Q. The debris in my gutters is not causing any issues, can you do the repairs without
cleaning them?
In order to properly assess your gutters and make the appropriate repairs, they need to be
cleaned first. Even if the debris is not causing any overflow issues it can hide other leaks and
often what appears as a leak is fixed with a gutter cleaning and requires no further repairs.

Q. Why is gutter maintenance so important?
Maintaining your gutters is important because they serve an important purpose. Gutters protect
your roof by funneling water away from the house. If you have no properly draining it can
damage the edge of the roof and joists. In some cases the damage can include the walls of the
home. Improper drainage can lead to dry rot. Dry rot is a fungus that can easily spread and
cause expensive and unexpected repairs. Gutters also protect your landscape and foundation
by eliminating erosion of the dirt around the home.

Moss/Algae/Lichen control

Q. I do not have a lot of moss, why do I need to treat it?
In our climate many things grow on our homes, most commonly moss. Moss is not good for
your home and if not properly treated it will spread. Moss produces spores that can develop
into a new plant. Since it is so small it is easily moved around by wind and water. Killing moss
and all the spores sooner than later will save you money and many headaches in the long run.

Q. Why is moss bad for my roof?
Moss feeds on the roofing material, holds moisture which can lead to mildew, dry rot and other
issues. In short, moss shortens the overall lifespan of the roof. Once your roof has been
compromised, the damaging effects then continue into the rest of your home and the problem
rapidly gets more expensive.

Q. Can you pressure wash my composition roof?
Schopp’s Home Maintenance does not pressure wash roofs. Though it offers a quick fix for
unsightly growth, pressure washing composition roofs is not suggested as it will remove the
granular surface. This is not just for looks, they protect the asphalt coating from UV. This slows
down the deterioration of your roof. Remove too much of the granule surface and your shingles
will not last through their expected life. This process also does not necessarily kill the moss, but
often just spreads the moss spores everywhere

Q. What is soft wash?
Soft wash is the industry term for using appropriate chemicals to do the work that would
otherwise be done with high pressure. We use Sodium Hypochlorite to kill moss, mildew, lichen
and any stains on your roof, siding and bricks. This is the most effective and least abrasive way
to deal with moss. In extreme cases, we will do some brushing to remove larger chunks of
moss prior to spraying. After a 10- 15 minute sit time, the surface is flooded with water. At this
point, the moss is dead. Any moss still remaining on the roof is bleached out and barely visible
and will over the next 1-3 months will erode and wash away in the weather.


Q. Do you clean skylights?

Q. Can my windows be cleaned if it is raining?
We can clean them in most weather with the exception of driving rain. Worst case scenario we
will clean the interior windows so you do not need to rearrange your schedule. We can then
come back at a later date to clean the exterior.

Q. Is there a benefit to having windows cleaned professionally?
We believe that we provide several benefits in this area. First of all you get more time to focus
on other more important tasks. Second, we can get to those high windows that require a ladder
and save you the stress of cleaning a window while standing on a tall extension ladder. While
we are there we can also get that chandelier clean too!.

Q. Should I clean my windows during the Winter?
This is subjective, though I will share my personal viewpoint on this. During the Winter months
there is less light and the sun sits lower on the horizon. Dirty windows are much more
noticeable when the sun is shining directly through a window. And let’s face it, anything that
can lift our spirits in the winter months has it’s value, like the sun poking out for a moment and
clean windows to admire it through.

Q. How do you clean the windows?
Let me start with, we do not use poles. We get right up on the glass. We use professional
cleaners. We scrub, scrape and buff as needed to get everything off of the windows. We use
professional tools like wash strips, squeegees, glass scrapers, lint free towels, etc. We do not
bring buckets into your home, we use squirt bottles instead.

Q. Do you clean the tracks of the windows?
In every window cleaning job we do, we wipe down the exterior frame of the windows including
the track the screen sits in. We also wipe down the frames as we clean the interior windows,
though unless you have specifically requested it (there is an additional charge) we do not scrub
the interior tracks that the window slides back and forth in. The reason for this is that most
houses do not require this additional step and therefore we leave this additional charge out of
our standard quotes unless specifically requested by the homeowner.

Pressure washing


Q. Do you have to sand the deck when doing a restoration?
YES we do. This is part of the process that helps ensure that the stain applied to the deck can
saturate the wood as much as possible. It also helps smooth out the surface and reduce
splinters. You do have the option to sign a waiver to skip this step, but it means that the
guarantee on the finish will be voided.

Q. Can you repair the deck?
It depends on the repairs that are needed. We will always inspect the deck and give you a free
quote for repairs that we note and can do. We do NOT do structural repairs. It is important that
any repairs of this type are done by someone who has the ability to provide a structural
engineer to make sure your deck is safe and meets any codes. We typically recommend Rick’s
Custom Decking and Fencing, for these types of repairs or replacement.

Holiday Lights

Q. Can I use my own lights?
No, We only install lights that we provide. We offer both incandescent and LED light options.
Lights provided by Schopp's Home Maintenance have a five year warranty (excluding specialty
bulbs and timers) and are maintained through the season. Our lights are higher quality than
store bought lights and are custom fit to your home.

Q. What type of lights do you put on the house?
We install C style bulbs on the house. Typically we use C9, though we have a C7 option if
power consumption is a concern and you are not going to use the LED bulbs. We do not install

Q. What type of lights do you put in the trees and bushes?
We install 100 count strings of Incandescent mini lights or 70 count strings of LED mini lights in
the trees and bushes. We do not use nets.

Q. How do you fasten the lights to the house?
We prefer and typically use clips, though we can also use zip ties, staple and hot glue. We do
not install lights directly onto stucco. We recommend against stapling lights onto house as it will
damage the paint.

Q. What are the color options?
LED Transparent:​ Warm White, Cool White, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow.
LED Opaque: ​Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow.
LED Minis: ​Warm White, Cool White, Blue, Green, Red,and Multi (Red, Green, Blue Orange
and Yellow)
Non Led Opaque: ​Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow.
Non Led Transparent: ​Clear, ​Orange, Blue, Clear, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow
Incandescent Mini: ​Clear, Blue, Green, Red, Multi (Red, Green, Orange, Purple and Blue)
You can choose any color pattern/design that you wish.

Interior work

Q. Does Schopp's Home Maintenance do interior work?
We only do interior window cleaning and house cleaning. If you are having electrical or
plumbing problems. We would suggest calling an electrician or plumber. We can provide
recommendations if you like.


Q. Can your guys do extra work when they are here if I want to add some?
The crew do not always have the availability to add to their days. They are scheduled for a full
days work and unless they are ahead of schedule and you are the last job of the day it is usually
unlikely that they can add anything. However, it never hurts to ask. If they cannot do the work
that day they can assess the project and the office will get you pricing and rescheduled if you
decide to move forward.

Q. Do I have to be home?
Schopp’s will let you know if the project requires you to be home. Most of what we do is related
to the exterior of the home, so being home is not needed.